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               Chapter One

​  “What is our current position?”
  “Right ascension 9 hours at a declination of 25 degrees with...”
  “I meant how far from Galileo."
  "We are two hours, ten seconds from the Galileo Probe," responed the computer. "I initiated a ten second aux-burn at 14:23 hours.”
  “Forward motion was inert.”
   The Captain seemed baffled, and then concluded that the ship experienced what had happened to the Galileo Probe.

   Captain Rosen set her console switches, after the PG’s were fully charged, to automatically download the flight-logs and previous transmissions from the Obama and the Enterprise. She then unbuckled herself and floated off the bridge. “Time to wake the boys,” she whispered to herself. She floated back to the Cryo-bay which was in the middle of the ship. It was heavily reinforced with lead shielding to protect the crew from cosmic rays and possible micro meteor strikes if the main guidance computers failed to make course corrections. The Captain checked each chamber before opening the one her second in command was occupying. She noticed something she liked and ordered the computer to emergency open chamber number two. She then undressed and floated on top of her first officer.
  “Com, close chamber number two for twenty-minutes.”
  “Yes Ma’am. Is everything okay?” asked the computer. “I am detecting you will be enclosed with Commander Jenkins.”
  “Everything is fine,” she said quickly while breathing deeply. “I’m going to use his body heat to get warm.” 
   The chamber door slowly closed and the computer monitored the Captain’s heart rate which quickly increased as the glass began to fog.
   An hour later, as the entire crew was revived and unable to move, the Captain returned with extra MES (Muscle Enhancing Steroid) injectors.
  “Here, these will help,” said Captain Rosen. “Give them about five minutes to start working.” She handed one to the entire four-man team including the doctor who was a female in her mid-forties.
  “I don’t need that,” smiled Commander Jenkins. “I need a cigarette.” He felt refreshed almost wanting to go back to sleep as the Captain smiled while handing him an injector. Tyrone looked at her curiously and then grinned, knowing what had happened.

 ​Parts of Chapter 2
   “In the mean time, everybody eat and rehydrate then report to the bridge,” ordered Captain Rosen. “We have little over an hour before reaching Galileo and need to go over the MP’s (Mission Protocols).”
  “That thing scares me,” said Dave, the ships communications specialist. “It was moving 32,000 miles-an-hour and just suddenly stops.”
  “Maybe the Interstellar Median freakishly caused it,” said Kyle while stabbing his leg with a MES injector.
  “Hydrogen gas including dust particles are usually found outside of the solar system,” blurted Luke, the ship’s science officer. He then floated upside down toward his locker on the ceiling. “I think it was extra-terrestrials.”
  “Yeah, me too,” said Dave. “A grey with big black eyes probably raped it for spare parts.”
  “Let’s stop speculating,” said Tyrone while tapping his dead power drained wrist communicator. “We are here—to find out why it stopped.” 
  The crew met in the galley and began eating cold rations. There was no power, only enough for emergency lighting.    “I forgot how bad this stuff taste,” said Joe, the propulsion specialist who was to retrieve Galileo. “Even the water is nasty.” At that very moment, Dave threw-up a floating stream of what he had just eaten. The doctor rushed to his side. 
  “Captain, as soon as the AGS (Artificial Gravity Section) comes online,” urgently said Dr. Jonas. “I want everyone in the primary med-lab for a bio-checkup.” 
   The AGS is a circular rotating section of the ship that creates a low gravity environment for the living quarters, the primary medical room, and the special built science lab for Galileo. 
  Doctor Jonas winked at Dave as she handed him a water bottle. 
   “Nobody eats solids until after the check-up.” she ordered before floating out of the galley toward the secondary medical lab.
  Kyle then grabbed a Nutri-Pill food tablet and installed it into his belly-button feeding chamber. The capsule slowly feeds nutrients to the body like an unborn baby’s blood filled umbilical cord.  
   “Um…yummy,” Kyle said sarcastically. “Chicken and rice.”

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Paintings By Michael Jones

This verse is never taught in any church.

Deuteronomy 28:68 

  And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again; and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.  

At the customs desk, Jaree was pulled to the side and questioned repeatedly about a discrepancy in his passport. He was then escorted to a secluded room as his family was allowed to enter the country. The room was dim with a table and two chairs on each side of it. He quietly sat in one of the chairs for ten minutes, and then heard a female’s scratchy voice through the right-side wall. It was a seventy-year old Arab woman telling customs, she didn’t put the Israeli made Jericho 941, Desert Eagle pistol up her vagina. 
  “I’m too old,” she said with a crackling voice. “Why would I put that thing up there?”
  “Maybe to hi-jack a plane,” said a man’s voice. 
  “I’m traveling alone…to visit my son in Washington DC,” she said nervously. “Who’s going to pull it out…I can’t.”
  “Tel Aviv has x-ray machines too,” said another voice Jaree thought was a customs agent, “So how did you get it pass Israeli security?”
  “I bet you…those bastards shoved it up there?”
  “We’re not playing games,” shouted the other agent. Jaree began to smile. “You better stop the lies old woman…you know how it got up there.” The other agent then whispered into his partner ear.
  “Have the Feds take her downtown and book her for conspiracy to commit a terrorist act.”
  “The gun is still up there,” said the other agent almost gagging. “I’m not getting it out…I had a big lunch.” The other agent made a cell phone call.
  “The chief said, either lube up your left hand or take her to the hospital under police escort.”
  “I’ll take her to Grady Hospital,” said the agent helping the old handcuffed Muslim woman out of the chair. “They can handle shocking shit like this.” Jaree giggled and then heard a different set of footsteps heading toward his room door. He became extremely nervous as the door slowly swung open. A tall white male in a black suit walked in while looking carefully at Jaree’s passport.
  “Are you Jaree Steva Nabim?” asked the agent.
  “Yes…I mean no,” Jaree said nervously. “My name is…who are you?”
  “I’m Agent Fuller from the FBI…is it yes or is it no?”
  “My middle name is not Steva…it’s Steven.”
  “You were born in India…so why would you have the name of a European white male?”
  “It was the name of a British soldier that saved my grandfather’s life against the Nazi’s in Burma,” Jaree said nervously. “My grandfather’s dying wish was…that every child in our lineage, have his name.”  
  Agent Fuller then handed him his passport and turned to leave. “Thanks for clearing that up…you’re free to go. Your wife and kids are waiting for you at baggage claim.”
  Jaree reached baggage claim ten minutes later and ran to his wife, giving her a long hug. She became worried and then asked. “Did they stick a hand up your ass?”
Mumbai Spy
              Michael K. Jones
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 I would love to try some of that. He thought knowing he could be horse-whipped. He then took a fork and carefully dug under the pie crust to taste the filling. It was a taste he had never experienced and almost had an orgasm in his white tuxedo. He cleaned the fork, and then left the dining area as Master James and his wife entered to eat dinner. They made themselves a plate and sat in the den. Tim always wondered why they ate there and not in the dining room. Nobody knew why. 
  After dinner, Miss Maple wanted something sweet and decided to cut herself a slice of apple pie. She noticed it was dug into and became very angry. 
  “Dauntay!” she yelled. The head servant ran to her and stood nervously looking toward the floor, never making eye contact. “Did you eat this pie?”
  “No Madam.” She became furious as she wobbled into the kitchen with the pie in her hand. She then had all the kitchen staff line up in front of the stove, later ordering the women to leave.
  “Who ate some of this apple pie?” she asked sternly. “I said…who the fuck ate my pie?” There was no answer as Tim’s skinny knees began to buckle. “Okay,” she said knowing one of the two white female slaves could have eaten it. “Since nobody knows who ate this pie…all of you will be eating pie tonight. Be at my bedroom door at eight o’clock.”
  “It was me,” shouted Dauntay, the head servant. “I should be whipped for my insolence.” 
  “Oh…no,” she said shaking her finger. “Your lying ass is eating more pie tonight and it’s itching to be licked.”
 "Why did he sacrifice himself? Tim asked himself. "She has a big fucking pie under that dress." He then felt remorseful, but not stupid. "Maybe he likes getting bullwhipped and eating hot smelly pussy." 

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           Funny and filled with history facts.